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Where can I surf? Los Angeles Surfing locations.

Up and down the West Coast we have many stand out surfing locations aka surf breaks. Before we tell you our very favorites, lets break down what types of breaks there are.

  • Beach: These breaks are waves that break on sandbars.

Below is North Santa Monica beach

North Santa Monica Beach

  • Reef: Reef breaks are waves that break on shelves of rock or coral.

Malibu's most wanted below

  • Point: Point breaks are simply areas where waves break on a section of land that juts out from shore.

County Line throwing jewels

Example of a #pointbreak

Each break has specific wave riding attributes that ultimately dictate everything from your board, to your suit. Our team will break that down in the next few posts. For now, we want to tell you our favorite places to surf in Los Angeles.

1. Third Point (point break)

The crew at Surfline has a great directions break out here

2. Zuma Beach (beach break)

Because there is always parking! Because its never crowded! Because its Malibu!

3. Santa Monica Beach (beach break)

Shred next to a roller coaster at the end of America's coolest and sexiest pier? Um...YEP!

The photo opportunities are endless here.

What are you favorite spots? Let us know in the comments, after you get out of the water.


Kam Kam

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