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Surf club in santa monica beach

Helpful recommendations for surfing-related items in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, or Malibu area. 

Best surfboard shop in Santa Monica Beach. Affordable beginner surfboards.

A Great Surf Shop - Locations All Over SoCal

It's hard to find a more reliable surf shop than Jack's, but with locations all over southern California, Jack brings always has plenty of name-brand inventory in stock for popular surfboard makers and apparel. 

Not to mention, they often have sales and promotions which make the quality items very reasonably priced. It's where we shop. 

The Best All-Around Surfboard Maker

No matter what style of surfing you prefer, if you want a board that is incredibly well crafted, durable, and made of top-quality materials, then you should check out firewire's amazing line-up of surfboards and equipment. 

With a huge variety of board types and more coming out every season, they are a great investment when it comes to buying a surfboard that will last. 

Best surfboard brand for intermediate surfers.
Paragon Longboards are an excellent beginner surfboard

The Perfect Beginner Longboard

We have put a lot of beginner surfers on these for their first personal longboard. To put it bluntly, it's an amazing board, very durable, and so easy to ride you can cruise into long waves on even the smallest wave days. 

They are a somewhat small company but have a lot of great local reps that can deliver. This particular model, the noserider, is so much fun and a great stepping stone toward more advanced boards. 

A Firm Believer That The Leash You Choose Matters

Speaking as someone who has had leashes break on me while I was caught in the middle of massive waves, the last thing you want is for your board to be drifting away from you when you need it most. 

That is why I highly recommend spending an extra $20 dollars and getting the safest, but also most comfortable leash on the market. The #FCS Freedom Leash.

FCS Freedom Leash is the best surfboard leash money can buy
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