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Best Surfing Movies

Hey, #stoked #surf enthusiasts! Ready to #catch some serious wave vibes from the couch? These movies are the real deal when it comes to capturing the essence of surfing. Whether you're a beach lover or just appreciate the chill sea #vibes, these films will have you #pumped like you just caught the perfect wave.

Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in Point Break
Point Break movie about surfing

1. Chasing Mavericks (2012): First up is Chasing #Mavericks. An underrated gem that flew way under the general public's radar. Plot: "Chasing Mavericks" tells the story of Jay Moriarity (played by Jonny #Weston), a dude determined to conquer the insane waves at Mavericks up in NorCal. With Gerard Butler as his mentor Frosty Hesson, this flick is not just about surfing; it's about facing life head-on, man.

2. Blue Crush (2002): This #movie is always worth a rewatch and for the time period, was somewhat progressive in following the story of female surfers in a time when women's surfing wasn't receiving the press or coverage that it deserved. Plot: #Picture this – "Blue #Crush" is all about those laid-back Hawaiian vibes, featuring Kate Bosworth as Anne Marie #Chadwick. She's a surfer with dreams of owning the #PipeMasters competition on #Hawaii's North Shore. This film is a blend of chasing dreams, solid friendships, and taking on waves that'll make you wish you were on a board. The best part of the film is that it captured the surfer community, giving non-surfers a taste of the vibe.

3. Point Break (1991): A must-watch that needs no introduction. Plot: Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah infiltrates a gang of surfers pulling off heists. Classic, right? "Point Break" is all about the surf #culture mixed with some high-stakes crime. Patrick #Swayze as #Bodhi adds the perfect touch of adrenaline. It's not just about surfing; it's about living on the edge, my friend. This was written by a local surfer at First Point, #Malibu with zero #screenwriting experience. He only ever got 6,000 for the script, but knocked it out of the park.

4. Surf's Up (2007): And of course we have a bonus for you. Plot: For a more laid-back vibe, "Surf's Up" is your go-to animated comedy. Cody Maverick (voiced by Shia #LaBeouf) is a penguin with dreams as big as the ocean. Mixing funny interviews with cool animated surf scenes, it's a chill, family-friendly ride perfect for a movie night with your crew. Despite being a cartoon, this film has some of the most accurate depictions of surfing ever put on the silver screen. Big shout out to Big Z!

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