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Was the surfing in point break accurate?

Very few things in this world could inspire the masses to grab a board and hit the waves more than #KathrynBigelow's 1991 Action-crime film #PointBreak. It has everything a movie-goer could hope for. Uncharacteristically young FBI agents, epic swells, perfect coincidences that take the place of actual detective work, and of course... love.

But the heart and soul of the film revolves around protagonist Johnny Utah and his journey to becoming a surfer amongst #SoCal's beach community. Was it accurate or mere Hollywood smoke and mirrors?

It's all about the casting.

Director Kathryn Bigelow (Who by the way, also directed such films as The Hurt Locker & Zero Dark Thirty... Ya, that girl) decided if she was going to pull this off she would have to fill the cast with surfers who occasionally act on the side. Some of the cast were actually pro's like Bojesse Christopher and John Philbin, thus settling the argument no one was having; what's easier to learn? Acting or surfing?

The rest of the bigger actors also learned to surf for the film. But when some of them are shot in silhouette, odds are that's a double.

Swayze is a #badass. End of discussion.

Patrick Swayze is said to have done all of his own stunts in this film. Not because he had something to prove, but apparently he is sort of a real-life #Bodhi and regularly jumped out of planes. Doesn't get any more real than that.

Can you surf the 50-year storm?

Kind of? Those epic waves do exist but not in the wonderous context of a legendary wave that only rolls in once in a generation. When it came to finding the surfing locations to capture the big-wave action, the filmmaker shot at one of the premier surf locations on the planet: Though the film's surf, it was actually filmed in the blue swells just south of Tahiti, where wave heights can climb into the double digits.

Can I learn to surf as quickly as Johnny Utah?

Sure, but it's all up to you. Johnny was smart and he asked a babe at #NeptunesNet for help. If you want to get into it I recommend two things.

  1. Be consistent. Johnny Utah paddled out every day. That is your greatest tool in learning quickly. If you only go once every weekend or so it's going to be tricky creating muscle memory.

2. Get a coach or a buddy who knows what he's doing to help you. It's really hard to learn surfing (or anything) if you're just guessing. Even if it means finding a shredder out in the water, declaring yourself a #kook, and pleading for tips, it's still worth it.

What is your favorite quote from #PointBreak? Share it in the comments!

Luke C.


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