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Is surfing good exercise?

There's no two ways around it. Surfing is an excellent full-body workout with many positive health benefits. The intensity of the workout will depend on a few factors.

Board length: The larger the surfboard, the easier it is to travel quickly through the water. If you are on a board that is 8ft or longer, minimal paddling will be required for traveling longer distances past the breaking waves. If you prefer a shorter board, this will give you less buoyancy and require more intensive paddling and upper body strength.

Wave conditions: Waves are obstacles a surfer must paddle through. The bigger the wave, the more resistance you will have to paddle you're way through. Choosing a beach with smaller, more mellow waves will create a less intense and easier paddle cycle.

Pace: While it is important to gain more distance toward the oncoming waves than to lose by being pulled back by them, keeping a smooth, steady tempo with paddling will help avoid overdoing it or causing unnecessary strain. #Protip try getting a song stuck in your head before you paddle out. When you are paddling, try to keep your movement steady to the tempo that is in your head. This will keep your pace more even and help to not overdo it.

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