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The 3 Best places to visit in Santa Monica

Now the most rapidly #developing community in Los Angeles, #Santa Monica is full of great shops, restaurants, and community events. So we're bringing you three things you can check out that are totally unique to Santa Monica.

One of the top ten most visited #tourist destinations in the United States Of America, and with good reason. This pier is massive and features everything from #carnival-style rollercoasters to fishing, to sit-down dining. Not to mention a great view of our coastline from over 100 yards out to sea.

A surf lesson with Calibunga

Not to sound biased, but the view of Santa Monica Beach from a #surfboard, on the other side of the breaking waves is one of the most breathtaking and unique experiences in all of Southern #California. If you are looking to create unforgettable memories and unique #experiences, this should be your first stop.

Santa Monica just finished construction expanding their 6+ mile bike path which stretches along the shoreline from southern Venice beach all the way to Malibu's county line. Strap on a pair of rental skates or rent a bicycle for a smooth afternoon of gliding along the strip. Stop at Perry's Cafe along the way and cool down with fresh coconuts, beer, or made-to-order food.

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