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Equipment, The Necessities

Does every single person who takes a surf lesson with me get so inspired the first time out that they want to become the next #KellySlater? The short answer is... No. Most people who come to Calibunga are only passing through. My biggest hope is that although they might not live within a hundred miles of the ocean they would still take the memory of what it was like back home.

But this summer was different. I ended up with so many more locals. Young adults and teens who finished their first lesson and were so energized they wanted to make it a regular part of their week. The first question that all of them (Or their parents) had was... What do I need to get started. So right now, i'm going to break down the essential, about how much you should spend, and maybe a few tips on extras.

This one is kind of important and not just for the obvious reasons. The cost of surfboard rental isn't much. About $30 bucks for a couple hours depending on where you go. But if you're really interested in the sport that can add up quick. Especially if the total cost of a beginner board (one with a foam top and good balance) will only cost you around $200.

It also is a nice plus to learn on the same board with the same shape every time. That means less time dealing with learning the boards shape and more time spent focusing on your own dexterity.

Keep in mind what kind of goals you have when you start surfing. If you make it your mission of the summer to become a surfer and really commit to the sport consider the fact that you might quickly outgrow the foam top beginner board and need something a little more advanced. My recommendation is to have your first few lessons be with a great instructor. The board rental is usually included in the cost of a lesson and you will get a sense of how quickly you learn. If your doing awesome skip the foam board and jump straight to something fiberglass.

This all depends on the area you surf in and person preference. If you live in SoCal it’s likely and only go when the wethers nice it’s likely you wont actually need one. But if you do get a suit go with a trusted brand like #Quicksilver #Ripcurl or #Xcel So you know it’s quality and the suit has a good cut to it. Don’t feel obligated to get the craziest, $400 model. A little #Neoprene goes a long way.

The Leash will be the best money you’ve ever spent. A $30 leash can mean life or death for your surfboard if you loose it on a beach that has rocks at the shore. Not to mention — There is no worse feeling in the world than having a cheap leash break on you sending your board toward the shore when your stuck out in the middle of a huge swell. #Nobueno. Prepare to spend $30 - $40 on a decent leash. #Itsworthit


This is that spongey looking pad at the tail end of the surfboard. Most of them come with #groovy designs on them. If your board is any bigger than 7ft you actually don’t need one. OPINION: And at the end of the day the added traction is great but wax can do the same thing. This is purely an extra.

If it’s not a foam top surfboard... You need wax. It’s two bucks a stick. Get wax, then get extra wax. Then get that extra wax some friends Aka: More wax. Your always going to need more.

Surfboards need fins to turn. When I was a kid fins came with the board. But the world has changed. Now fins are an add on - usually an expensive one but they are still an essential. If you are a beginner surfer you will not be able to tell an expensive fin from a composite (totally bad ass) fin. If its your first board just get the cheapest available.

The types of “Plug” on a fin can vary. By plug I mean how the particular fin connects with the board. Like a Phillips head or flathead screwdriver. Both screwdrivers, different fittings. Ask your board rep or Call #CalibungaSurfLessons to assist you in making your purchase.


Having a nice travel bag for your board or the thinner stretchier version we call the ‘sock’ is great. Helps Protect it from dings getting to and from the beach. This is however def an extra!

That’s basically it for the essentials. Start small. Make the initial investment a few surf lessons for proper training, a great starter board with basic fins, a good leash, and always remember the waves are free : )

-Luke C.

Check out these links to great resources for buying your first surfboard.


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