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Los Angeles Surf Lessons

Group Surf Lessons In Los Angeles, CA


Sunset Surf Lessons In Los Angeles
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Malibu beach surf club

Stay Warm With New Winter Wetsuits!

Winter in Los Angeles brings some of the smoothest, lively waves of the year. However, not everyone is comfortable with cooler water temperatures. That's why we surf in comfort with the added warmth of complimentary Neoprene Wetsuits

Wetsuits are made of a dense, yet hyper-elastic material called neoprene. As you paddle, your body heat warms the inner lining of the suit. This keeps you insulated and toasty, even on the chilliest of days. 

Surf lessons Santa Monica

Surf Lessons Los Angeles

Surf Lessons Venice Beach

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Beginner surf class in Santa Monica and Malibu

Santa Monica | Malibu Beach

Surf lessons for beginners in Los Angeles


Surfing club meetup in Santa Monica Beach
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Santa Monic Pier Surf Lessons
Surfing Lessons by the Santa Monica pier
Surfing classes in Malibu

You can now schedule a lessons 24/7 using our automated booking system.

Santa Monica Beach surfing meet-up

Beginner SURf Lessons

Surf club near Aviator Nation and Malibu Pier

A Fully Personalized Lesson Experience.

At Calibunga, we're excited to teach any variety of ages, athletic types, and walks of life. That's why our lessons begin with meeting your personalized instructor, who will help coach you in a cultivated and encouraging way that works for you.


Not only will they have you up and riding waves on your first session, they will be at your side, keeping you safe, and teaching you the process step by step. 

Lastly, for first-time surfers, we ensure the lessons are held in mellow-smooth sections of waves, in shallower water. This makes it easier to home-in your new skills on your first session.


  <title>Surf Lessons in Santa Monica & Malibu Beach | Beginner & Advanced Classes</title>

  <meta name="description" content="Learn to surf in Santa Monica and Malibu Beach with our expert instructors. We offer individual and group lessons for beginner and advanced surfers. Book now and ride the waves!">



  <h1>Surf Lessons for Beginner & Advanced Surfers in Santa Monica and Malibu Beach</h1>

  <h2>Individual & Group Surf Classes Available</h2>

  <h3>Learn to Surf in the Best Beaches in Southern California</h3>

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Shorter Boards - Bigger Waves - Better Habits

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If you already know the basics but feel that you still have room to grow as a surfer, you might be interested in one of our lesson packages

While we help you to achieve your personal goals, you will gain experience in learning to ride and master shorter, more dynamically shaped surfboards in larger, quicker, or "heavier" waves. The North Pacific Ocean offers a wide variety of different wave types, and we are happy to guide you into all that our coastline has to offer.   Best surf lessons in Los Angeles. Great reviews. Five star reviews, #santamonicabeach #Losangelessurfinglessons Cheap surf lessons in Los  angeles california close to the airport of LAX 

Group +

Those Who Surf Together, Stay Together

At Calibunga, we love to see the unique bond that is created by teaching groups. Whether you are trying to embark on a new hobby, or simply looking to create a priceless vacation memory, a group surf lesson is the perfect solution. 

If you are new colleagues,  close friends, siblings, or parents getting ready to send the kids off to college, these sessions are engineered to have you laughing together and provide plenty of opportunities for photos along the way. 

Where is the best place to learn to surf or a good surf class in Santa Monica Beach near Lowes Hotel or the Santa Monica Pier? Do  And how much does a surf lesson cost in Los Angeles?

Image by Tim Marshall
A family surf lesson taking place near the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles California.



And Transform Your Group Into A Team!

In this new era of remote learning and working from home, synchronizing and inspiring your workforce can be more of a challenge than ever before. But we've learned nothing can unite a team like working together in the waves at Santa Monica Beach.

Our corporate lessons are conducted in a team-building manner, learning together as a group while placing an emphasis on each person's strengths to overcome the challenges of the waves. 

We know that corporate environments often feature diverse levels of age, physical stamina, and bravery. This is why we conduct our corporate sessions in a way that plays to your team's unity and strengths. 

Where is the best place to learn to surf or take surf lessons in San Diego or Los Angeles? My family is looking to take a surf lesson in Malibu by the Santa Monica Pier and we are wondering what the best school is? Also wanted to know if the parking is expensive in Santa monica or not. Does anyone know where to take surf lessons or if Long Beach has good surf lessons? Im a total beginner but have surfed once or twice 



Surf Lessons

Visiting San Diego? While in Southern California, why not take a lesson with our partners at Saltwater Surf Lessons?


Located 130 miles south of Calibunga, Saltwater's amazing instruction at exquisite beaches will make it worth the trip. 

Beginners learning to surf at a Venice Beach surf meet-up

San Diego?

Santa Monica Beach Lifeguard Tower 26.

Our Commitment To Saftey

Father-son bonding activities in Los Angeles


Give Us A Call

For most, surfing is only something seen in the movies. Let us help turn your dream into reality and help you to plan your lesson.


Speaking directly with a surfing instructor and getting their first-hand advice is only a phone call away. We're happy to help with anything questions or concerns, as well as recommend other great attractions in the area. 

Surfing classes by the Venice Beach Pier
Surfing Lesson
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