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Youtube Training

We live in the age of DIY. More and more people turn to #Youtube for training and inspiration. And it can the average joe to do a lot of things the otherwise would have never had access to. But does that apply to surfing?

I remember growing up in San Diego, and one summer an epic heatwave boiled our blacktops and motorways. My old beat-up truck had no AC at the time.  I asked a mechanic how much it would cost to install one and was shocked the price tag was more than the truck was worth. So fired I up Youtube and crawled in my engine bay. Armed with nothing more than my iPhone 7 and an empty belly, I found a video of some DIY mechanic with the same truck as me. He walked through every step of the fix. From buying used parts at the junkyard to installing it. That video saved me from overspending at the mechanic ever again. By empowering me to solve my own problems. That got me thinking... What if the guy showed me how to do it wrong? That could have done some serious damage to my vehicle. Which brings up my point.

More and more of my clients tell me they have been practicing from Youtube videos for months. The issue is that most of the time the videos they were studying were taught by someone who had no idea what they were doing. They were more interested in how many followers they could get rather than becoming a real surfer themselves. In the long run, we end up spending much more time UN-LEARNING bad habits than we do charging into the waves.

If your thinking about doing some Youtube video training before your first surf lesson, just hold off on that. A good instructor will do just that. Provide one on one instruction with best practices and real-world training.  As I said, Youtube saved me a lot of money and time before. When it comes to surfing, take a lesson with Calibungasurflessons to really get your feet wet. Then binge as many vids as you want.

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