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Where are the best places to surf in santa monica?

You step towards the ride share area at LAX, the smog rich air whipping your already blonde-ing curls, with the beach in your third eyes horizons. Westward flying pelicans guide the way. But wait...where can I surf in Santa Monica exactly? You remember do a few searches before the flight but nothing that amounted to a physical address to plug into Google Maps. You might have even noticed that surf spots in general are generally not listed or found easily online. But hey, Calibunga has your back. #bros

Whether you are new to LA, a local, or just passing through, here are 3 authorized surf locations in Santa Monica.

1. Lot 5 South Santa Monica

Surf spot address location - 2701 Barnard Way, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Why we like it:

Rating: ****

* It has two parking options that get you as close to the sand as possible. Key ingredients when you have a group of 3+ and gear to lug. The first parking option is a $2 for 2 hour lot. Now this lot has a super limited, first come first serve system that is well worth it if you are not staying all day. The other option is the full lot that can be upwards of $20 in peak season. We have alot of luck with being patient with the $2 lot by showing up 15 minutes prior to a lesson. There is also street parking adjacent to these lots that free up quickly.

* It has a designated surf area just south of the parking stall, towers 24-29 with a mostly gentle sandbar beach break.

A key thing to keep in mind is that the surf area on a lifeguard monitored beach, can change daily. Most beaches have a sign, flags, or other physical signs that identify where surf areas are and swim areas begin.

2. Sunset Point | AKA Will Rogers State Park

Surf spot address: 17300 East Pacific Coast Highway Los Angeles, CA 90272

Why we like it:

Rating: *****

* This is a supreme spot for intermediate to advanced surfers. It has free albeit limited street side parking. Careful changing as the traffic picks up and can quickly lift your towel :)

It's a point break wave with sharp reef and rocks close to where it can break. It can be hard getting back into shore if high tide traps you against the rocks. Sometimes you just have to paddle back in a bit south to Sunset Beach and avoid the obstacles.

3. Santa Monica Peir

Surf spot address:

Why we like it:

* The Santa Monica pier will forever be a mainstay backdrop for Hollywood films, surf culture, and so much more. It is the geographic heart of our fair Santa Monica boardwalk. It has a roller coaster, the worlds best street music, and some decent sandbar beach break waves. Check out the south side of the pier for optimal beginner waves in LA.

* Parking is seasonal here. A looooong walk may be in store if this is your destination of choice.

As always, check with Calibunga for an updated surf report or surf lesson reservation in Los Angeles at these Santa Monica surf spots.

Calibunga dudes,

Kam Kam

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