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The Early Swell

You may have heard that the best time of day to surf is in the morning. But just what is it about the dawn that makes the waves so much better than the rest of the day?

The most important reason (and as #surfertoday puts it) "Wind plays a critical role in the quality of surf at your local break. The majority of spots privilege offshore winds, or simply no wind at all, and that will usually happen at dawn and dusk, when the temperature of the water equals the temperature of the surface of the earth."

Good call surfer today. The waves are much better formed when they aren't being blown out by your typical afternoon weather patterns.

But does this mean everyone should surf early? Not necessarily. At #Calibunga we have clients constantly calling us asking for a 6:00am paddle out. In the case of first time surfers I always recommend taking advantage of the mellower afternoon conditions. Not to mention a full nights sleep before your full session so you can put the best version of yourself into your time in the waves.

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