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Surfing Santa Monica During Winter

Do people surf Santa Monica Beach during winter?

Santa Monica is one of the best places to go #surfing during #December, January, and February due to its typical than usual water temperatures in the South Pacific. Often, the warm swell is rolling northbound from #Mexico’s equatorial region.

Isn't it cold?

For those who run cold or enjoy maximum warmth, #neoprene wetsuits (rubber-like bodysuits) designed to trap body heat can be worn during your surfing session and are available for rent at local Santa Monica and #Malibu businesses such as #Calibunga Surf Lessons. In some cases, neoprene shoes (booties) and gloves are also available, although unnecessary.

Are the waves worth it?

The waves during the winter season tend to be more fun, more consistent, and have a bit more energy behind them. Additionally, you can look out for local Santa Monica Surf #Events like the #Santa Surf. This is where locals all wear Santa Claus costumes and #paddle out together.

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