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Instructors Favorite Beaches

Our most common question at #Calibungasurflessons is "What is your instructors favorite beach? Believe it or not that's a complicated question for a surfer. So many memories, so many great waves, so hard to narrow it down to just one. So what we've done here is asked our four top instructors what is their favorite beach to teach at, favorite to surf on a day off, and why?


Teach - Probably Santa Monica. I just like the energy of that spot. So many people. Everyone has a good time.

Day Off Spot - I've been going to little doom a lot. lots of rocks to dodge.


Teach: Zuma. Hands down. For people that have never surfed before it's the absolute best. People start getting full rides way quicker there because the wave crashes a lot more mellow.

Day Off Spot - I do third point. I love driving up to Ventura county to but mostly I just hit third point. It's a community up there. Everyones just happy for the wave.


I've got the same answer for both. Manhattan. Great wave. Close to home. Best tacos.


Teach - Sunset Beach. You paddle way out to sea about 300 yards. It makes you feel more hands on with the person your teaching. Like they get the full intense experience of being way off shore. Not every person you teach wants that kind of a session but the ones that do I most appreciate.

Day Off Spot - San Diego. A place totally unrelated but also called Sunset. It's off the PLN campus and its unreal. Huge A-Frame swells that roll in for days. Crazy stuff. You can't go out there alone. But it's like... Pffff. It's ripe.

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