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How to maintain a fiberglass surfboard.

With everything from supply chain issues, to storefronts closing down, the price of surfboards has gone up drastically in the past few years. So here is a few #helpful #tips on keeping your board in tip-top shape.

1. Avoid #dings and cracks when you are out of the water.

This one sounds like a #nobrainer but it’s actually the hardest to achieve. When I was about 10 years old and my parents were buying me my first surfboard, I remember the bald, tattooed guy at the surfboard shop saying, “90% of dings happen at the showers”. Wise words.

First off, having a board bag or a “#sock” will help protect your board from any accidents while in transit.

If you are eager to paddle out and just arriving in the parking lot, don’t take that board out of the bag or vehicle until after you’ve suited up and are ready to rock.

The same is true from the journey to the showers and back to the car. Pay close care at the showers and watch out for the tip of the nose and tail. Those are the most delicate parts of the board.

2. Don’t bring a cracked board into the water… ever.

It might look like the tiniest ding ever, but bro, if that board isn’t 100% water tight then you will inevitably get some drops of salty water inside your #surfboard. This is mondo bad and here’s why:

The #foam core inside of surfboards come in a wide variety (even though they all look the same). Some of those foam core #materials soak up water like a #sponge and it begins to swell up the foam, ruining the #shape.
Secondly, that water will get stuck inside there. When your board heats up, like in the garage on a #summer day, that water will turn to salt and #vapor. Are the hot air and water vapor inside your board expands, it will peel and push the lamination (the fiberglass coat) off of the foam core, destroying your board from the inside out. If you crack that board, get it filled in with some #solarez resin before you paddle out again.

3. Rinse off your board with fresh water after every session.

After you surf, it’s tempting to toss your board in the truck and just forget about it. But if that salt water dries, it’s going to leave salt crystal composite on the #fiberglass exterior of your board. That is eventually going to wear away at the glassing and weaken the strength and flexibility of your board. It’s sort of like dropping a tooth into a glass of #coke. It’s gonna eat away at it.

4. Keep that board out of the sun.

Ever seen a yellow surfboard? Or better still, why are all vintage surfboards #yellow? The Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays cause the resin on the deck surface to turn from white to yellow. It in no way inhibits or hurts the surfboards performance, but it looks gross. So when picking a spot to store the board, take a little pride in the display of it. A safe spot in the garage where nothings gonna ding it or an indoor closet out of the sun is well worth the investment.

Article by Lucas Coleman

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