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3 Awesome beginner shortboards - Summer 2022

Are you thinking about an #upgrade this #summer and trading in your #longboard for a shorty? With literally hundreds of new board #shapes on the market, it's hard to tell what will be a good and stable choice for people learning to short board for the first time.

The good news is, we're making it simple by recommending the Three Best #Boards For Beginner Surfers! While all three of these are (in our opinion) the best beginner boards on the street, they all hold unique features for surfers of different styles.

Not only have I ridden all of these boards, I have trained multiple clients on these (as well as many other board designs). These are my top picks for the funnest and most achievable entry level #shortboards.

1. Hayden Shapes (HS) #LOOT

Because of it's volume-heavy and overly chunky design, The Loot by Hayden Shapes gives you what feels like an oversized short board. It drops in and makes turns with the same feeling as a traditional short board, but gives extra grace with its loaded volume, width, and length. This thing is solid and stable, but it will turn when you need it too in perfect stable arches.

2. Lost #HYDRA

This board has two #great things going for it: #Extra width in the shoulder and nose of the board giving you a large stable surface to surf on, while at the same time having a #crazy amount of agility and ability to turn on a dime.

If you are learning the ways of the short board with the goal of #turns and #cutbacks in mind, this board will do that with ease while also being generous with stability.

3. Firewire #SEASIDE

The Firewire Seaside is definitely the crown jewel of the mix, while arguably the greatest challenge. Some might sneer at the thought of the Seaside being on a list of "beginner short boards" but this is a perfectly ridable board that you will potentially never grow out of.

This board is #wicked fast, unbelievably #maneuverable, ready for tight steep drops, and hands down the most durable board on the list. With parabolic balsa wood rails the wrap the boards edges and a #helium foam core, the buoyancy and general tuffness of it is off the charts.

This is suitable for the surfer that knows they are on a steady path to becoming a skilled short-boarder and they don't want to have to upgrade again in another six months. Highly recommended for those who choose to learn short boarding with the assistance of a professional instructor or coach.

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