Frequently asked questions

What should I bring to my lesson?

We recomend for your lesson you bring sunscreen, a towel, and drinking water.

Will there be time for Photos?

Absolutly, we include photo opportunities at the beginning and end of ever lesson.

Can I lock up my things when i'm in the water.

You will be able to lock all of your personal belongings inside your instructors vehicle while you are in the water.

What is the best beach for first time surfers?

For your first lesson we reccomend Zuma Beach located in North Malibu. The waves tend to be a little smaller and smoother than most LA county beaches.

How long are surf lessons?

Each lesson is 2 hours in length. Longer lesson times are available upon request.

What is your cancelation policy?

Our cancellation and resceduling policy is 48 hours prior to your start time. We understand that when traveling scedules can change and we do our best to accomodate everyone based upon availability.

What about gratuity?

If you enjoy your lesson gratuity is appriciated and can be given to the instructor directly.

What if I can't swim?

Not being able to swim is actually not a problem. We teach on beaches with smooth waves and rarely take clients out past where they can touch. In addition to that the instructor will stay by your side the entire lesson giving you hands on assistance.

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