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Surfing Made Simple

At Calibunga you will learn everything you need to be up and riding on your very first lesson. Best of all, our amazing surfing instructors will be by your side personally coaching you into each and every wave. It's like having your own personal lifeguard. 

All lessons are taught on specialized beginner level surfboards designed for maximum stability and buoyancy. This makes it easier to learn foundational techniques and conserve energy so you can make the most out of your lesson. Included in the coast of each lesson is the rental of a neoprene wetsuit. This will provide extra warmth and comfort during your lesson as well as provide the full surfing experience. 

Lastly, at Calibunga Surf Lessons safety is our number one concern. All lessons begin with a lesson in water safety. Your surfing instructor will stay at your side the entire lesson to assist you in getting past and into the waves. A lesson at Calibunga is a truly hands on experience like no other. If you have additional questions or want to know if surfing is the right activity for you please give us a call 818.810.7084. We would love to talk you through more details about this amazing experience. 


Meet your personal surfing instructor on the beach and gear up with a wetsuit and surfboard. 






5 Min

Land Lesson

On the sand your instructor will demonstrate how to: 



Balence Teck

Safety Tutorial




15 min

Water Time

Your instructor will work at your side guiding you + your group into the waves while offering encouraging critique. 




65 min

Photo Ops

Every lesson concludes with a photo and video opportunity. 




5 min

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